Outdoor clothing for men and women: freedom of movement even in the city

The connection between city and nature is constantly growing: greener urban areas, the desire to live outdoors and get around the city by choosing a more ecological transport are becoming more common day by day. Sustainable mobility is also changing the rules of outfits for daily micro-journeys. All this brings us back to the concept of outdoor clothing, that includes all those garments that do not focus on current trends but rather on their functionality of use. They are practical, useful and serve their purpose, and are designed for all those people who prefer to bike to work or school every day or whiz on an electric scooter. 

Their aesthetics can be defined as utilitarian and designed for urban survival, materials count as much as shape, and performance is balanced by design. The success of outdoor wear is also due to the recent lockdown, when outdoor activities were among the few allowed. As of today, this style is no longer considered only suitable for outdoor sports, but more as a protagonist in urban contexts, therefore erasing the precise boundaries between indoor and outdoor clothing. 

The desire for freedom has also affected men's and women's fashion. Loungewear suits remain in the wardrobe for a certain type of jacket or a certain type of trousers that transcend the common taste, and are more aligned with well-defined themes, such as the culture of the green mindset, a growing attention to sustainable daily gestures and to the return to natural places that provide us with an escape from the city while living in the city. 


Urban nature requires functional and performing clothes without sacrificing style 

Outdoor clothing reflects a new contemporary mood: a constant movement among the hurdles of the city, having little time to sacrifice to an uncomfortable and too plastered fashion. Daily suits lose their formal rigidity and are replaced by comfortable uniforms, suitable for either casual or work contexts. Instead of double-breasted blazers, men prefer a deconstructed design of a Post Industrial coach jacket, just as women favor a lighter and more ergonomic zip-up hoodie as the one designed by Not Found. 

Hybrid garments, designed for all those people who have an active lifestyle, allowing a secure fit for cycling. In fact, functional outerwear is at the center of attention for bike lovers. The huge selection for city riders includes a field jacket with a removable hood by Post Industrial for him, and a black cape by Not Found for her. Garments made with lightweight, waterproof and stretch fabrics that do not prevent freedom of movement and easily adapt to any climate change. 


A race to a green city, not just by bicycle!  

Electric, light and foldable: the scooter is the new trend, especially among young people. A green community that makes of movement its daily life and challenges bikers with their road outfits. Real metropolitan uniforms, made up of bomber jackets - structured for him, soft for her - paired with their respective joggers: checkered nylon by Running Fox and emerald green by Not Found, featuring elasticated trims at the waist and ankles for a personalized fit. 

Focus is on utility details: hoods, drawstrings but above all pockets, which decorate the soft sweatshirts, cotton shirts and cargo pants. Military-inspired, these trousers are the must-have for spring-summer 2022, in an oversize version or with a relaxed cut and equipped with multi-pockets with buttons or zips. Unisex, made in technical fabrics as expressed by Running Fox style or in stretch cotton with laces for Post Industrial, they are also easily worn to comfortably drive an electric car. 

This outdoor aesthetic, once relegated to the interest of a few passionate people, has gradually become the narrative of a new fashion, far from the catwalks but alive on the street, which seeks to re-establish a connection with an increasingly active public, also attempting to redefine one's role in a society that has now profoundly changed.